Thermally Modifying Bentonite for Construction Industry


  • Abdoullah Namdar


Soil characteristics, natural soil, ground improvement, geotechnical problem, soil atomic structure


The application of geology in civil engineering create possibility of ground improvement. This paper present thermally modification of construction material based on changing micro and macro characteristics. The heat can modify the soil shape, size and chemical composite as well as crystal structure. In this research work the bentonite subjected to the heat for 6 hours from 100 ºC to 500 ºC in increment of 100 ºC. The different techniques and methods have been used for changing soil micro and macro characteristics. And also the different technique validated this research investigation and the result has been shown that heat has significant affect on controlling geotechnical engineering problem. There is still more scope for continuing this research work on several natural soil and mineral in applying heat for different time and level  for approaching better results.




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