Aims and Scope

The journal aims to become an efficient means of publishing and distributing high-quality information from researchers, scientists, and engineers. The main scopes are as follows:

· Advances in Composite Materials

· Computational Mechanics

· Foundation and Retaining Walls

· Slope Stability

· Soil Dynamics

· Soil-Structure Interaction

· Pavement Technology

· Tunnels and Anchors

· Site Investigation and Rehabilitation

· Ecology and Land Development

· Water Resources Planning

· Construction Environment

· Public Health and Rehabilitation

· Earthquake and Tsunami Issues

· Safety and Reliability

· Geo-Hazard Mitigation

· Case History and Practical Experience

· Others


The scope of special issues are as follows:

· Advances in Building Structure

· Advances in Infrastructures

· Advances in Civil Engineering

· Advances in Structural Engineering

· Advances in Geological Engineering 

· Advances in Geometics Engineering 

· Chemical Engineering Related to Construction

· Advances in Environmental Engineering

· Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

· Advances in Architectural Engineering

· Advances in Construction Materials

· Advances in Petroleum Engineering

· Advances in Geophysics

· Advances in Hydrology

· Advances in Recycle Solid Wastes

· Advances in Use of Reclaimed Waters

· Advances in Water Distribution

· Advances in Water Treatment

· Advances in Irrigation and Drainage

· Advances in Farm Structures