Review Policy and Reviewer Application

  • The paper which meets the editorial criteria will be assigned to at least two anonymous reviewers for peer review.
  • Authors may recommend some reviewers - however, Editors are entitled to consider them or not.
  • The Editorial Board consists of an outstanding group responsible for the submitted manuscripts' review process and will guarantee the quality of the publication.
  • The manuscript will be published as soon as it is accepted and all the modifications recommended by the reviewers are made.
  • The review procedure is as strict as in the most prestigious journals, but publication time is minimized.

Based on the reviewers' comments, the Editors will make a decision on a paper under one of the following four conditions:

  1. Accept without revision
  2. Accept with minor revision
  3. Encourage to resubmit with major revision
  4. Reject

In case of acceptance with either minor or major revisions, the authors will be advised to revise the manuscript according to the reviewers’ comments. 

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