Guide for Authors

  • The manuscript to be submitted should be prepared using the manuscript submission template.
  • Download the manuscript formatting template from the download files menu. The paper must be of high quality during the first submission. 
  • The manuscript to be submitted adheres to the rules and guidelines given in the manuscript template.
  • The manuscript should be written in English. A list of references must be translated into English. It is in other languages (both should be written).
  • The paper has no page limit to the maximum number of pages (download tips from the paper template menu). 
  • The references inside the text and in the bibliographic list should follow the formats as per the manuscript template.
  • All figures, graphs, and tables must follow the font style of the text. Ensure clear and good-quality pictures in the first submission.
  • Selected manuscripts from the "GEOMATE Conference Presentation" will be reprinted in the journal with nominal charges (40% discount on regular fees) based on the agreement of the authors.
  • Accepted papers which were not presented at the "GEOMATE Conference" need publication charges of 800 USD as a regular fee for 8 pages or less. Any page or fraction thereof exceeding the page limit will be charged 100 USD per page. The extra author fee is 100 USD/author if exceeding 5 authors. 
  • This is required for its maintenance, such as managing article submission and peer review, typesetting, tagging, and indexing of articles, hosting articles on dedicated servers, supporting sales and marketing costs to ensure global dissemination via different databases, and permanently preserving the published journal article.
  • Copyright: GEOMATE is required to obtain the copyright of papers from authors for the term of copyright by signing and returning the publishing agreement. It can be submitetd during the revised paper submission. 

 Submission Method:

  • Submit the full manuscript online using the "Submission" menu. We accept online submissions only.
  • The copyright release form is to be submitted along with the manuscript submission using the "Add File" option given on the website. Download it from the “Download Files Menu”.  For the submission procedure, click here.  Please submit it during the revised paper submission.
  • Abolition of the printed version: Considering environmental conservation, the paper version has been discontinued since June 2016.
  • For any questions, Contact us [].

Revised Paper Submission:

  • All the corrections should be marked by color in the revised manuscript. During the revised paper submission, a separate file named "Response to Reviewers by Authors" should be prepared and submitted along with the revised paper online. For a sample, Click Here
  • For any questions: Contact us [].

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