• T. Prommin
  • R. Nuntasarn


Undisturbed Khon Kaen Loess, Undrained Shear Strength, Ultimate Bearing Capacity, Degree of Saturation, Matric Suction


Many researchers have found that Khon Kaen loess is collapsing soil with a severe degree. Khon
Khaen loess, as classified as silty sand (SM) or clayey sand (SC), is a windblown deposit with a honeycomb
structure. Therefore, the increasing degree of saturation is the cause of decreasing shear strength parameters
and increasing settlements of Khon Kaen loess. This study evaluated the bearing capacity of undisturbed Khon
Kaen loess between wet and dry conditions by the plate bearing test. Besides, the undrained shear strength
parameters (cohesion, c, and friction angle, φ) between saturation and dry samples were also examined by the
triaxial test under the unconsolidated undrained conditions. The undrained shear strength of undisturbed dry
Khon Kaen loess was also investigated from the unconfined compression test. Due to the low degree of
saturation, the initial matric suction was observed from soil-water characteristic curves (SWCCs) by the
pressure plate test. The plate bearing result showed that the ultimate bearing capacity of Khon Kaen loess, for
which the saturation degree is higher than 45%, is about 35 kPa. The ultimate bearing capacity of Khon Kaen
loess at 8% of saturation degrees was beyond 1,100 kPa. There is also an excellent relationship between the
undrained shear strengths from the triaxial UU-test (c and φ) in a residual regime and unconfined compressive
strength with a matric suction. Besides, the prediction using Terzaghi’s theory and undrained shear strength
from the unconfined compression test gives an appropriated ultimate bearing capacity rather than the general
bearing capacity equation for soil compressibility.




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T. Prommin, & R. Nuntasarn. (2019). ULTIMATE BEARING CAPACITY OF COLLAPSING KHON KAEN LOESS. GEOMATE Journal, 17(63), 87–94. Retrieved from https://geomatejournal.com/geomate/article/view/2144

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