• Siwakorn Phakdee
  • Juthanee Phromjan
  • Ravivat Rugsaj
  • Chakrit Suvanjumrat


Agriculture, Single-wheel tester, Tractive force, Tractor tire


This study delves into an in-depth exploration of tractor tire performance on soft ground, with a specific focus on the intricate relationships between shear stress, slip displacement, and net traction. Leveraging a meticulously designed Tire Testing Machine (TTM) tailored for laboratory-scale analyses, the study systematically investigates three distinct tread depths of tractor tires. The TTM's unique capability to exert precise control over environmental conditions during tire compression and rolling on a designated soil surface underscores the methodological rigor of the investigation. Throughout the study, rigorous measurements of traction force, compression load, and vertical displacement were conducted to rigorously validate pressure-sinkage and net traction equations. A thorough analysis illuminates inherent errors and limitations within prevailing prediction models, providing a critical foundation for the refinement of future equations. The acquired experimental data not only offer indispensable insights guiding the development of more accurate predictive models but also establish a benchmark for the validation of finite element models in subsequent research endeavors. This work significantly contributes to the nuanced understanding of tire dynamics on soft ground, emphasizing the pivotal role of the TTM in ensuring a controlled environment for obtaining reliable experimental data. The delineated findings and limitations not only enrich the engineering discourse but also set the stage for ongoing research endeavors aimed at advancing predictive models and elevating our understanding of tire dynamics in the context of agricultural machinery navigating challenging terrains.




How to Cite

Siwakorn Phakdee, Juthanee Phromjan, Ravivat Rugsaj, & Chakrit Suvanjumrat. (2024). EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS FOR TIRE-SOIL INTERACTION. GEOMATE Journal, 26(113), 58–65. Retrieved from https://geomatejournal.com/geomate/article/view/4376

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