Impact Resistance of Shear-strengthened RC Beams with Sprayed GFRP


  • Sayed Mohamad Soleimani
  • Nemkumar Banthia


sprayed GFRP, impact, shear, beam, reinforced concrete, retrofit


The use of Sprayed Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) was investigated as a potential technique for improving the impact resistance of reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened in shear. Reinforced concrete beams with a small number of stirrups as shear reinforcement were retrofitted. Different configurations and thicknesses of Sprayed GFRP with a random distribution of chopped fibers, at a fiber content of about 25% by volume, were applied on two or three sides of the RC beams. These specimens were then subjected to impact using a fully instrumented 14.5 kJ drop weight impact machine. A frequency of 100,000 Hz was used to collect the dynamic data. Results indicate that RC beams with the Sprayed GFRP coating were highly resistant to impact. RC beams with the sprayed GFRP coating were found to possess a higher load carrying capacity, and were found to absorb much greater energy compared to those without the coating, under both static and impact loading.




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