Evaluation of Run-Off Supply Projects in Hamadan Province (Iran)


  • N. Rostam Afshar
  • M. Abdoli


Water Requirement, Reservoir Capacity, Volume of Earthen Dam, Evaluation of Run-Off Supply, Economic Analysis


Water resources project is for the control or use of water. Where utilization is proposed, the first question is usually how much water is needed .This is probably the most difficult of all the design problems to answer accurately because it involves social and economic aspect as well as engineering. In order to meet the various demands and of water requirements in Hamadan province which is situated in west of Iran, more than 28 projects were defined and studied, but only few of them were adopted. This paper presents a criteria based on the ratio of reservoir capacity to volume of earthen dam named as feasibility factor (F) for exact evaluation of
different alternatives to assure the designer, so that, to obtain sufficient quantity of water in a form which can be easily and cheaply made fit for various uses.




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