Characterization and Demonstration of Reuse Applications ofSewage Sludge Ash


  • Brett Q. Tempest
  • Miguel A. Pando


Ash-based Bricks, Sewage Sludge Ash, Ground Improvement, Sewage Sludge Ash Reuse


In this papersewage sludge ash (SSA) refers to ash material product of incineration of municipal and industrial sewage water.  SSA from a waste water treatment plant in Eastern United States was characterized in order to investigate and demonstrate potential reuse applications for the ashes produced by this plant.  To date most research on reuse applications for ash materials has focused largely on coal-sourced ashes such as fly ash or bottom ash.  In contrast very little research has been reported on SSA,which typically will have important differences with coal-based ashes in terms of physical and chemical composition and cementitious properties.This paper presents the results of an elemental and morphological characterization as well as a demonstration of clay brick admixture and soil stabilization admixture reuses applications




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