• Henri Siswanto
  • Harnen Sulistio
  • Ludfi Djakfar
  • Achmad Wicaksono


Bureaucracy, Road performance, Indonesian regency road


Regency roads are currently the worst performing of all road networks in Indonesia despite being the majority within the Indonesian road network system distribution. To be able to properly handle road treatments, it is necessary to be aware of factors that influence regency road performance. Research on bureaucracy as a variable to improve the performance of regency roads in Indonesia has never been done before.The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of bureaucracy on the performance of regency roads in Indonesia. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to as many as 54 respondents, consisting of officials at the Regency public works office in East Java Indonesia. The analysis method used in this research is the structural equation model - partial least square (SEM-PLS). Bureaucratic factors were analyzed along with four other factors that are postulated to be affecting regency road performance, namely; existingconditions, human resources, maintenance and rehabilitation funds,and the road treatment technique used. Research results showed that bureaucratic factors are the most critical in determining regency road conditions.Bureaucracy has the biggest effect on road performance. Bureaucracy has indirect effects of  0.268 to the road performance, it is higher than that of an existing condition. Meanwhile, the existing condition has an indirect effect of 0.147. Bureaucracy also has a direct influence on the placement of human resources and maintenance and rehabilitation funds. While maintenance and rehabilitation funds, human resources and existing road conditions affect road treatment processes. Lastly, road treatment directly affects road performance.




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Henri Siswanto, Harnen Sulistio, Ludfi Djakfar, & Achmad Wicaksono. (2019). EFFECT OF BUREAUCRACYON-ROAD PERFORMANCE (CASE STUDY ON INDONESIAN REGENCY ROADS). GEOMATE Journal, 16(55), 160–167. Retrieved from https://geomatejournal.com/geomate/article/view/2495