• Maia Tskhvaradze
  • Dali Nikolaishvili
  • Lia Matchavariani
  • Lamzira Lagidze
  • Vazha Trapaidze


Landscapes Dynamics, Landscape ethology, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia


The given paper was based on the concept of spatial-temporal analysis and synthesis of natural territorial complexes (NTCs) enabling to study of the Nature components by applying the unified methodology. To determine the changes in the structure of landscapes, daily conditions of the landscapes based on the meteorological parameters (air temperature, precipitation, snow cover, etc.) were applied, which is very important for forecasting the trends of physical-geographical processes in the landscapes. This process can enable us to clarify the following questions: Which natural or natural-anthropogenic processes are more obvious? In which landscapes these processes are more intensive and which ones will be changed considerably? How much is rejected the last year's annual dynamics of the NTC from long-term dynamics? All of these issues are very important for determining the resource potential of landscapes and their changes. This issue was investigated according to two stages: I stage – determining the seasonal dynamic of the landscapes; II stage – comparing data from two periods (past and nowadays). To achieve the main objective of the research a great number of meteorological data were analyzed and processed employing GIS technologies. Thus, according to these data, the degree of landscape changes and its spatial distribution was revealed.




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Tskhvaradze, M. ., Nikolaishvili, D. ., Matchavariani, L., Lagidze, L. ., & Trapaidze, V. . (2023). LANDSCAPES DYNAMICS OF SAMTSKHE-JAVAKHETI, GEORGIA. GEOMATE Journal, 24(104), 61–68. Retrieved from