• Kustamar
  • Togi H. Nainggolan
  • Agung Witjaksono
  • Addy Utomo
  • Lily Montarcih Limantara


upstream area of Brantas River, conservative village, the new model


Water spring (WS) conservation in the upstream area of Brantas River is intended to protect
the potency of the main water spring in East Java Province that is being threatened. The threat occurred is
caused by a lot of dry water springs, the lowering of river discharge in the dry season, the dam shallowness
leading to the flood and the lack of water. Although the conservative activity has involved many agencies, a
non-profit organization, local people and the higher education, the achievement rate is still low. The partial
activities in the form of the pilot project, in the end, give priority to togetherness that is the establishment of
village conservation. The variety of conservative village has been developed by many agencies in accord
with the goal and its concept. For the recent time, the conservative village which has been established does
not have any capability to take the roll as the pilot that led to the spirit of the other village society
conservation. The physical condition variety of the river stream area and social society in upstream Brantas
River influence the condition of the conservative village. Therefore, the research is done the research to find
the formulation of conservative village condition in upstream Brantas which is conditioned to establish the
conservative culture as the implementation of daily activity part. The evaluation result of middle-term village
development planning by comparing the conservative need from the analysis shows that conservation has not
become the important issue. Therefore it is suggested a regulation to compose village RPJM in order to pay
attention to the rules of water spring resources conservation. Thus, composed village RPJM, if it is
implemented, will improve the flow coefficient value without decreasing the importance of the other sector




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Kustamar, Togi H. Nainggolan, Agung Witjaksono, Addy Utomo, & Lily Montarcih Limantara. (2018). DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONSERVATIVE VILLAGE MODEL IN THE UPSTREAM BRANTAS RIVER. GEOMATE Journal, 15(50), 182–188. Retrieved from

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