• Anastasiya Kostryukova
  • Irina Mashkova
  • Elena Shchelkanova
  • Viktor Trofimenko
  • Julia Maslova


Rivers, Reservoirs, High Pollution (HP), Extremely High Pollution (EHP)


The pollution of natural waters, both sea and fresh, is a crucial issue all over the world. Most
of the large and small rivers, streams, and reservoirs almost in every federal district of the Russian Federation
are characterized as polluted and dirty. The Miass River is one of the main among the large rivers in South
Ural. The ecological state of the river is characterised as bad. This work assesses a thirteen-year change of
water quality in the Miass River and Argazinskoe and Shershnevskoe reservoirs, which are the source of
drinking water for the residential area of the Chelyabinsk region. The river water is used to provide the cities
and towns of the region, as well as numerous industrial and farming enterprises with water. Besides, effluents
are discharged into the Miass river along its whole length. The results of many years of observation have
shown, that heavy metals and biogenic substances are the main pollutants for the river. This work aims to
analyse episodes of high and extremely high pollution of the water bodies. Episodes of high and extremely
high levels of Cu, Zn and Mn are recorded annually at dam part of Argazinskoe reservoir. Episodes of high
and extremely high levels of biogenic elements are recorded for the stretches of the river downstream
of Chelyabinsk. Currently, some measures within the project «Clean Water» are planned to improve water
quality in the studied water bodies.




How to Cite

Anastasiya Kostryukova, Irina Mashkova, Elena Shchelkanova, Viktor Trofimenko, & Julia Maslova. (2020). TIME-SPACE ASSESSMENT OF WATER QUALITY OF MIASS RIVER. GEOMATE Journal, 19(74), 145–152. Retrieved from https://geomatejournal.com/geomate/article/view/1867

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